The Story Behind the Art

Maria Castano continues to create unique multi media paintings featuring complex images using cutting edge digital processes and exotic handmade materials. The eye catching, multi-layered look and superior quality of Castano’s work and the timeliness of subjects covered are designed to promote awareness of global cultures. The distinctive strengths of the work can be identified by themes which are historical in content. The art represents the best of the artist’s training, talent, and vision in a cohesive extension of new and experimental media.

Collectively the work of Castano is represented by more than one form of surface treatment. Each piece is unique in color, and the way in which design is handled results in a refinement of concept and personal expression. The art is varied in terms of cultural background and draws upon the visual language of geographic locations around the world. Included in Castano’s work are textiles from South America, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Japan and is representative of the richness of different cultures through themes devoted to iconography, traditional patterns, and the weaving of historical stories. In particular, historical icons and textiles from Asia translate into intricate designs and beg the viewer to touch and often include family memorabilia, and bold iconic symbols.

The work, many made of textiles from around the world, offer distinctive visual recordings based on the artist’s background and experience. The artist’s life is filled with people connecting the artist to a world community with no geographic boundaries. Unique in presentation, these themes are often derived from photographs taken by the artist and incorporated into the work through digital imaging, a use of technology that sets Castano’s work apart from other mixed media artists.

Behind every Castano piece there is a story involving East/West cultural and historical images. The art industry’s present trend is focused on artists who reflect sensitivity in their interpretation of global themes. Castano, through the work, serves as a cultural envoy in many ways, to many audiences. The beauty and sensuous characteristics offer the owner and collector visual pleasure evocative of historic and contemporary art from a global perceptiveness.