Artist's Statement

I am from a family of artists and sculptors. The cultural heritage of my father’s family, originally from Spain, and then Italy, has provided a wealth of visual material throughout my life. From my earliest memories, my mother inspired me to look toward China. The images in my work tell the story of one person, or one remembrance, or a visit to a special place, or a celebration of the art and antiquity found in cultures from around the world.

My formal training has spanned three continents: North America, Europe, and Asia. The influence of living, working and studying in international centers of art is seen in architectural forms and materials. My strengths as a printmaker merge with the beauty I see in the pure graphic shapes found in Chinese calligraphy, Western ecclesiastical images, and the feminine sensuality of woven fabrics.

I design optical illusions by piecing together tapestry, vinyl, and various grades of leather. To this surface I add, one layer at a time, the techniques learned and available to me as a printmaker. Photographs taken during my travels are digitized and combined with traditional tools from my studio. My work is rich with metallic paint, gold leaf, and subtle textural overlays to create depth and dimension.